100 Rules to Graduate College Debt-Free

This proprietary training is a quick audio where Major Betz quickly discusses 100+ things that families need to consider when working with their kids to both get into and pay for college.  This lesson is an appetizer to one of our paid courses, that will help you succeed while learning more about Major Betz and SLI! Just one of these tips may be what helps you avoid student loan debts OR having to pay for college. There are so many resources out there for you to take advantage of, but many families don’t know what they don’t know! This audio can help exponentially decrease your family’s learning curve! So listen with your family, listen in your car, listen while you work out, listen while you walk across campus, etc. JUST LISTEN and take notes. We can discuss your questions in future webinars OR in our courses IF/WHEN you enroll. Be blessed!