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What Exactly is the Scholarship Leadership Institute  (SLI) ®?

SLI ® consists of online and live self-study training and a membership program that shows you step-by-step how to get into and pay for college. It can help whether your student is a 7th grader or a student already in college. The course includes live monthly Q&A calls, timeline reviews, e-books, great websites, Facebook community, ongoing valuable monthly training, feedback, other resources and LIVE support by Major Betz (Air Force Retired).

Let us know if you are interested in  receiving info on how you and your (1) company’s employees, (2) church’s congregation, (3) youth group’s members, or (4) school district’s students can receive huge GROUP discounts off our Monthly Membership!


Does This Sound Familiar?

Your kid is a great student but doesn’t have any scholarships yet.

The only scholarships you can find are mostly need-based.

 Lesser students at your child’s school are winning money like crazy!

 Many of your student’s friends are getting into their dream school!

It’s too late and you are already dreading massive student loans!

Some kids have an advantage over yours based on their schools. You just don’t know what you don’t know…

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you want to know what it takes to help your kids win some of that free money now!

You’ve tried to prepare your middle school student and you’re tired of finding out later they should have done this or that last semester or last Summer …

Your kid is involved in the right clubs, sports team, church group, etc., but you’re unsure if your efforts will be enough to help them win scholarships …


This Is Why I Created the SLI ® Monthly Scholarship Membership Program.


Help Your Student Graduate from College Debt-Free

You CAN properly prepare your kids for college without hiring an expensive scholarship coach or college prep company, without the confusion and without the overwhelm.

Major Betz’ proprietary Scholarship Success System makes the process of college prep and scholarship acquisition incredibly easy in a fun, exciting environment, where you have people to answer your questions and keep your student on track!

There’s so many options for scholarship help to choose from out there and yet it’s still getting harder and harder to win scholarships.

The SLI ® Monthly Scholarship Membership Program shows you month-by-month how to build your plan to win scholarships and get into the college of your choice.

Why enroll in SLI’s ® Monthly Membership Program??

Because the process is as simple as renting a movie, but don’t let the easiness of it fool you. It’s as simple as subscribing to Netflix, except now instead of watching movies you are the show! You will earn a monthly tangible return on your investment when your student applies for scholarships and learn what they need to do TODAY to get into college! But some of you still don’t know if this is for you…

Who Is the SLI ® Monthly Scholarship Membership Program for?

  • Smart students who deserve to graduate college debt-free
  • Middle school students who need to know what they should be doing to increase their college entry and scholarship success
  • College students who still need money to pay for college
  • Average students who want to find out how to avoid college debt
  • Students who want to get admitted to their #1 college choice
  • Students who want to earn overpayments…


You Will NOT Be Left Stuck

In SLI’s ® Monthly Scholarship Membership Program, I’m committed to your success!

Follow my step-by-step College Prep and Scholarship Acquisition Timeline Review to guide you through building a beautiful scholarship portfolio and college prep plan of attack so you can graduate college debt-free. Receive training, support, feedback, resources AND MORE to avoid overwhelm and reach your goals.

A summary of what you get from the SLI Monthly Membership:


Here’s How We’ll Work Together…

Step-By-Step Instructional Videos

Immediate access to monthly modules that include the step-by-step Scholarship search tips and strategies videos. Each video guides you through both college prep and scholarship acquisition strategies.

Live Online Meetings With Major Betz

Together with other members of the class, you and I will attend exclusive monthly recorded meetings online. This is where you get to ask your burning questions about all things scholarships and college preparation. I share my screen to walk through through any technical questions. I don’t leave until your questions are answered and you can always go back and watch the replay while you are in the membership.

The SLI ® Monthly Scholarship Membership Program Quickly Explained


“Joi did what Nippy tells all youth to do: “Cast a wide net when applying for scholarships” Joi earned well over $1,000,000 in scholarships following Nippy’s teachings.”

– Annie Stevens

“Bro. Nippy, we had to share this with you…!! With Gabby’s school scholarships and other merit scholarships, she only needed $850 to cover her entire first year… This pushes her well into “over payment status”. This is a testimony of what can happen when you cast a WIDE net and go after ALL the beads…!!! Thanks Again, Bro Nippy and the rest of Empowerment 21 and Scholarship Leadership Institute!”

– Ray and Valerie Alls

“I’ve been following Nippy and his teachings for years. Because of Nippy, my 11-year old has earned over $60,000 in scholarships! His teachings work for those who work them!” Thanks to Nippy for all he does for our teens!”

– Principal at local school in San Antonio, Tx

“Nippy has helped teens earn millions of dollars in merit based scholarships by speaking at schools and churches all over San Antonio. I hope teens will continue to listen as he tells them how he helped his kids and thousands of other teens earn meaningful scholarships, grants, and stipends.”

– Art Hall, former city councilman

Peek Inside SLI’s ® Monthly Scholarship Membership Program…

Each section below will be covered in class to build and maintain your efforts to graduate college debt-free.

  • Financial Aid 1-on-1 – Begin learning ways to pay for college
  • SLI Scholarship Search – Learn in-depth techniques to win big money
  • 4-S’s of Scholarship Search will help families create success strategies
  • 5- Steps of Goal-Setting is what makes SLI so good at winning scholarships
  • 10-Things You Gotta Know About Paying for College will blow you away
  • Outwork your peers will show you how you can grow your scholarship $$$
  • Mastering the Application Process is a must if you want scholarship success
  • Lagniappe is the “catch all” to help you maintain the SLI winning formula

…and more!

What Will You Need For Class?

A commitment to being consistent and disciplined over time as we teach your family duplicatable processes that have helped our most successful scholarship winners over the years!

Who is Nippy Betz?

Hi, I’m Major Nippy Betz, the founder of the Scholarship Leadership Institute (SLI) ® …and helping families graduate college debt-free is more of a ministry than a business! I was born to help the masses avoid college debt!

We started helping students win big scholarship in 2003 as a part of our church’s Education Department. Soon, other churches were asking for our help as kids from our church were winning big scholarships. We turned our passion into a very successful non-profit and then into a nationwide for-profit helping kids online that we have never met! I’ve helped 1000’s earn scholarships, 100’s earn 6-figures, and over 150 earn overpayments!

We were recently given a notice of award for a Department of Education contract that would have paid us up to $17,000,000 to help 4000 7th graders all the way thru their freshman year in college! While San Antonio didn’t win the contract, we are still working with the local school district to help those 4000 students! We are also looking to help churches and fortune 500 companies help their congregation and employees earn money for their students by partnering with SLI and exposing them to our DISCOUNTED monthly membership! I am a 2-time Air Force Master Instructor, Former Adjunct Professor at San Diego State University, and a church youth minister. My Bachelor’s degree is in Computer Science and I have a dual Master’s Degree in Computer Information Systems and Space Systems Management.

I recorded a popular TEDx Talk and wrote multiple books on Amazon that are a part of my courses.

“My three kids earned full paid scholarships to both Notre Dame and Yale! They really listen to Nippy and hear his message. It helps as parents to have someone else reinforce what you are trying to teach your kid.”

– Kathy De Luna

“We are early recipients of Nippy’s wisdom… two kids in college… one graduated in December 2017, debt-free and the other will graduate nearly debt-free because of Nippy’s proven methods of going after and getting scholarships…!!!”

– Proud Parent

“Thank You so much Mr. Nippy Betz for coming and sharing with us. Your presentation was very educational and informative. We appreciate your passion and drive to help teens find money for college. Whatever Pastor Davison and I can do to support you, let us know. Fantastic Job! God Bless You.”

– Sallie Davison

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You’ll have instant access to the entire Class. I’ll be walking you through each month of the process from start to finish and here to answer questions in the community group if you ever get stuck or need feedback.

And so much more!

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  • No Questions Asked, 24-Hr Money Back Guarantee​

24-Hr Money-Back Guarantee

The SLI ® Monthly Scholarship Membership Program has a 24-hour no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you feel that the membership class is not right for you and you’re not 100% satisfied, you may cancel within the first 24 hours after joining. Just contact us and we will issue you a refund. No fuss, no hassles.


Yes. There will be others working with Major Betz to help the teens reach their dreams and goals.
Yes. We use software that won’t allow us to see your full credit card #, so know that your info won’t be disclosed by my team.
No. Unless we make a billing error we don’t do refunds because we don’t enable quitting on something this important.
Yes. When/if you decide to cancel, just call us or send us an email. We will cancel your account on the day you notify us.
No. But our success is well documented. Nobody will work harder to help your teen earn $ than SLI!
Immediately for your initial payment. Then we will bill you monthly thereafter until you cancel or have paid what is due.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the Scholarship Leadership Institute ® Membership Class by contacting us. Simply CLICK HERE and someone will contact you shortly