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(Nobody should ever guarantee people will earn $$$, but we know they will earn more with our help, than without us!)

1. (Click Here) – Hear how Major Betz teaches the science of scholarship search!!! But don’t forget the artistic side to scholarship search! Listen to an excited student and several smart parents as they talk about what they learned from Major Betz! (1:12)

2. (Click Here) – Hear Pastor Dr. Smalley perfectly describe the magic results from a Major Betz scholarship presentation he made at her church in Florida! He can change the trajectory of the youth at your church too! (1:21) 

3. (Click Here) – $1,250,000 scholarship winner Learn how this young lady was the first of our two $1,000,000+ winners! We have had others win $900k, $850k, and other huge amounts! Enjoy (:33)

Text Testimonial: “Bro. Nippy, we had to share this with you…!!  With Gabby’s school scholarships and other merit scholarships, she only needed $850 to cover her entire first year… This pushes her well into “over payment status.  This is a testimony of what can happen when you cast a WIDE net and go after ALL the beads…!!!  Thanks Again, Bro Nippy and the rest of Empowerment 21/ Scholarship 4 All!”  Ray and Valerie Alls

4. (Click Here)She and her sister both earned full-ride scholarships to Notre Dame. Her brother earned a full-ride to Yale. Their mom showed up at everything Major Betz taught for years and took copious notes! An amazing family! (:36)

5. (Click Here) – These superparents were very teachable. Their oldest daughter was the teen president of our organization and earned a full-ride scholarship. Her sister also earned a full-ride scholarship following Major Betz’ teachings. These guys were mainstays at Major Betz’ workshops! (3:02)

6. (Click Here) – Hear from a University of Houston student and a Baylor student’s mom who both got full-paid scholarships.  (2:47)

Text Testimonial: “I’ve been following Nippy and his teachings for years.  Because of Nippy, my 11-year old has earned over $60,000 in scholarships!  His teachings work for those who work them!”  Thanks to Nippy for all he does for our teens!” Principal at local school in San Antonio, Tx

 7.  (Click Here) Teen & Parent of 11th grader who had an older sibling in Major Betz’ workshops (1:06)

8.  (Click Here) Hear from smart parents as they talk about what they learned from Major Betz’ workshops! You should follow in their footsteps and come see what all the fuss is about! (1:40) 

9.  (Click Here) – Learn how this supermom helped three of her kids earn full-ride scholarships to Ivy League schools! (1:49) 

10.  (Click Here) – Introduction of Student/Parent Panel of Scholarship Winners Our panel of scholarship winners blew audiences away every year as they shared their journeys with my audiences! (2:10)

Text Testimonial: “Thank You so much Mr Nippy Betz for coming and sharing with us. Your presentation was very educational and informative. We appreciate your passion and drive to help teens find money for college. Whatever Pastor Davison and I can do to support you, let us know. Fantastic Job! God Bless You.”  Sallie Davison

 11.  (Click Here) – Bill Gates Millenium Scholarship Winner – We have had 10+ winners of this amazing scholarship. This young lady learned a lot and then put it into action. Check her out! (:35)

12.  (Click Here) – Parent testimonial: Our most vocal parent promoters (:29)

13. (Click Here) – NISD School Board Member – Hear what a member of the NISD Board of Directors had to say about Major Betz (hint: He now has a school named after him!). What an honor to hear him speak so highly of what Major Betz does for students…come join us! (1:19)

14.  (Click Here): “We are early recipients of Nippy’s wisdomtwo kids in college… one will graduate in December 2017 , debt-free and the other will graduate nearly debt-free because of Nippy’s proven methods of going after and getting scholarships…!!!”

– Students & Parents Parents have sat in Major Betz’ audience and gone on to have HUGE success with earning full-ride scholarships. Hear from one such parent AND others who know the importance of focus. (2:47)

15.  (Click Here) – Family of Middle School Teen’s first seminar with Major Betz. Hear what a middle school AVID teen and her parents think of Major Betz! (:34) 

16.   (Click Here) – KENS 5 Interview of Nippy Betz – Although this interview was about our discontinued EP21 Seminars, our Ultimate Scholarship Bootcamp is EP21 on steroids! Enjoy the interview and learn more about us!  (6:02)

17. (Click Here) – SLI Video Profile – this video does the best job of giving you a short visual of the magic Major Betz creates when he works with students! Join us! (2:44)

(Nobody should ever guarantee people will earn $$$, but we know they will earn more with our help, than without us!)