Hey guys, let me cut to the chase! 

I’m hoping to start a movement so we can do a Banks “Friends” and Family Reunion in July/Aug 2025. I picked 2025 b/c I know it is going to take some planning and some time to pull off this amazing feat (after watching my wife’s family pull it off this month after 2-yrs of planning). It is long overdue so I’m just pulling the trigger! For some of you, like me, 2025 is too far away! So we will also plan a pre-family reunion cruise in Jul/Aug 2024 out of New Orleans for 5-days to get the party started!  

Why Friends and Family? If you are like me, you have friends, in-laws, etc., that are closer to you than blood relatives. So, I figured, why not let them participate too? We want to know who you love and who loves you too, so the more the merrier. Example: My dad is Anthony Royal! Some of you would call him my stepdad! You would be wrong b/c he is just my dad to me! I would want him to be invited. See what I mean? Some of you have friends who are closer than your sibling, so I say bring him/her too if they want to cruise in 2024 AND/OR picnic and hang with us in 2025 too! 

Family Reunion: After receiving the poll feedback below (thru Jul 30th), we will seek a representative from each of Willie Bell Monroe’s siblings. If y’all think we should expand this reunion effort, I’m open to it. But just know the work to pull it off will also grow exponentially. It’s gonna be tough enough to gather all the Bank siblings, but I’m open. There will be a query/poll sent out that will allow the families to vote for who will represent their leg of the family. Some families will possibly have 2 reps if they are willing to volunteer. I’m a rookie at trying to plan such an event, so we will probably seek someone to chair this effort. I’ll gladly assist in any way needed!   

Cruise: Because it’s been years since many of us have seen each other, I thought a cruise might be an opportunity for some of us to reconnect a little early while having fun on the seas! Adrienne and I just returned from a 7-day Alaskan cruise….it was awesome! This 5-day cruise out of New Orleans is a great way to let our hair down and get our bonding started with a little vacation together. There will be more polls later this Summer about which cruise trip the majority of you guys would prefer out of the two options on the Carnival Valor: Click here to see options we are considering for a 5-day cruise. 

PLEASE SHARE THIS POLL with your family members over 25-yrs old. I will also be looking for someone in your family to gather the email accounts and phone numbers (preferably mobile) of your family members. I’ll soon provide a template to help your family gather this information from your leg of the Banks family.  

(Note: The cruise is purely optional since some of us want to go on a cruise anyway. We just thought it would be awesome to have other family members join us. I will lead up the cruise coordination.) 

Poll #1 – Click & vote here: (please excuse the words “copy of” at the beginning of the poll.)

Be blessed, 


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