Still working on the updated videos. I’m going to post the new videos here, but you can click below to see the old videos on the old site.


Step #1 – Watch the orientation video on the old site

Note: if you want to see a generic video of the 1st call I make with clients click the link below:


Step #2 – Do the Free Career Assessment Test

Step #3 – Fill out the Assessment/Application

Step #4 – Request an 1-on-1 Orientation with Major Betz 

Step #5 – Set up an appointment with Major Betz (it’s not set until HE confirms it)

Step #6 – Make sure you have access to a computer that can use GoToMeeting

Here are the call-in instructions:

Please join my meeting.

Password: None

Step #7 – Bring your A game (not B or C) to the orientation – We got work to do!!!

1. Your teen is supposed to set an appointment every two weeks or less to talk to me for 15 min (the parent should monitor call frequency). The link to book the appointment is:

2. The calls ensures me and my team are sending scholarships to the teen/parents and helping them prioritize them (teens should also find scholarships)

3. During the call, the teen should be letting me know which 3-4 scholarships they are going to apply for and that is what I then can hold them accountable for.

4. They are supposed to send me their essays 5-7 days out and my staff will review/correct them and get them back to them to submit with the application. See #8 below for the process.

5. If you families are ok with, it, we are supposed to review some or all of your teen’s applications to ensure they are filling them out correctly. (Most families just do it themselves due to privacy reasons, but I often insist on looking at one or two if I don’t see the teen winning like I believe they should).

6. Respond to all SLI staffers emails and phone calls in a timely manner. Too often, teens have ignored some of our follow-up calls. We need parents to help when they don’t see the two-way correspondence occurring.

7. Take advantage of the SLI Monthly Scholarship Membership Modules, live Q&A sessions, Masterclass material, and all the 1-on-1 coaching monthly videos, transcripts, audio files, PowerPoints and all the SLI Education Portal has to offer, time-permitting.

(Note: If we do #1 and #2 above, everything else falls into place!)


Step #8 – Upload your essays via the link below for my staff to review/correct them.

Essay Edit Request:  

video.sli-essay-submission-rules (see on old site for now)

(Note: After 2 late subissions, we are going to start charging teens when they submit essays and want them returned within a 48-hours.)

Step #9 – Understand Scholarship Freestyle (coming this weekend)

video.scholarship-search-freestyle (see on old site for now)